Technology and Learning

At Alverno High School we embrace the challenge and commit to 21st century technology learning to teach and implement a deepened form of communication and education through the use of digital resources for quality student learning in the classroom, in all program areas, and online. Through technology, teachers and students access a wealth of materials, services, and networks throughout the local, national, and global communities. Therefore, we will provide continual and improved technology infrastructure and systems that are participative, collaborative, socially just, and transparent in all of our technological endeavors.

All students have access to technology for instruction, research and creation in classrooms, computer labs and the library throughout each school day. There are student-accessible desktop and laptop computers on campus. Computer workstations are available before, during, and after school in the Library or Computer lab; school laptops are available for individuals to borrow. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop or iPad for wi-fi connected use on campus. Alverno’s Class of 2018 is the first class who will be required to have a device on campus and the first to utilize e-books exclusively.

Every faculty, staff or administration member has a laptop or desktop issued to them by the school. Every classroom has a multimedia projector and speakers; document readers and SmartBoards are common classroom features. All classrooms have a television to deliver Channel One daily broadcasts.