The idea to start Alverno HS came to the two of us on a typical evening. I, Chrissy Sagara, am a product of a boarding school education while she, Michelle Johnson, was educated in a regular public school. It has been a topic of long-time debate between us – which is better boarding or day-schooling? Over the decades of our friendship, we have finally come to the point that we agree to disagree.
On that ordinary evening, as we were discussing the pros and cons of life at a boarding school, we realised a crucial fact. Here were two of us who had an insight on both sides of the coin. Then does it not behove us to use that knowledge to help others, and thus, this website was born. Through Alverno HS, we hope parents and children who are still oscillating between the choice can make an informed decision.
Michelle and I have one goal to offer every information possible about the advantages of the boarding school to our readers. We also disseminate data about all the best schools in the nation and the education system of them. Our vision is to be the go-to platform for all things related to primary academics for individuals around the world.