How The Education System Works In The US

In the US, the education system is differentiated into various levels starting from elementary school, middle school, and high school. Usually, the subjects in school include arithmetic, English, science, and history among other subjects. School education means that all the students are assessed on the basis of certain subjects. School education is very different from a college education. Once high school is done, it is up to the student to decide what subject he or she wants to specialize in. It could be medicine, fine arts, economics or science. In the US, colleges are based on what is known as the “credit hour” where there are certain hours fixed for certain subjects such as history or art and so on. The student who decides to go to college has to choose to “major” in a particular subject that he or she wants to learn. College for a first-year students is different from that of a second-year students. The idea of majoring in a particular subject is to make sure that the student has enough knowledge in a particular subject (for instance, a major in civil engineering or physics). Thus it can be seen that college life in the US is different from school life.