Student Life at Alverno

Alverno Girls are Empowered to Be Involved. At Alverno, we believe that becoming an active member of the community enhances the Alverno experience for every young woman. Every student has ample opportunity and encouragement to become involved in activities at Alverno through membership in various clubs and organizations.

Beyond a strong, college preparatory education, Alverno campus life offers an outstanding range of athletics, arts, and other extracurricular activities which allow students to develop leadership skills, pursue individual interests and just have fun! Alverno encourages its students to reach out – to explore new horizons, to get involved in global concerns and to help shape ideas and technologies of the future. Alverno, as a girls’ school, gives students something unique – an environment where they can be themselves, strengthen their moral and ethical foundation, explore exciting challenges, develop deep and lasting friendships, and acquire competence, confidence, and strong leadership skills.

Alverno High school is a wonderful place where young women can develop and cultivate leadership skills which will advance them in their decision-making, both at school and in the world of which they are members.

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